Sunday, August 26, 2007

Children kill children and the Labour reaction is to lie about it

According to the Labour Party, gun crime is on the wane. They are quoting the British Crime Survey to suggest that on their watch our streets are getting safer and in particular crimes involving guns are down. The British Crime Survey by the way is a glorified opinion poll. Now, you are almost certainly scratching your head at this point because your impression from the media is probably that gun murders are happening with depressing regularity and you are pretty sure that things didn't used to be like this. Guess what, you are right. Buried on page 36 of the latest Home Office figures is the interesting fact that gun deaths and injuries have increased by more than a factor of four since 1998, that is from 864 in 1998 to 3821 in 2006. Police officers shot are up by nearly a factor of four in the same period. The Sunday Times has it here.

So, not only have Labour presided over an appalling spate of murders and woundings, that have seen our streets become so unsafe that children are being hit in the crossfire, they have been lying about it. Then they gabble on about more laws or some way for people to hand guns in, as if gangsters are simply going to go 'oh well' and give up their weapons because people in suits decide that they should. They try to lie the problem away because it is clear that they have no clue what to actually do.

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