Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Times Camilla Long decides British teenagers are worthless

This in today's Sunday Times from the pen of Camilla Long:
no British teenagers would dream of attending a camp like Utoya with there is ketamine and tombstoning to be done
She is commenting on the Norwegian tragedy and how much better Norwegian teenagers are than their British counterparts. This is offensive rubbish on many levels. British young people are often involved in politics via the main parties youth organisations. They are not inveterate drug takers, a survey this week actually showed that substance abuse was falling among British teenagers. Then there is the absurdity of generalising about all of the young people in a country of sixty million.

Another question does occur, why is it that Camilla is so prepared to believe that British children a uniformly hard drug users? Did she spend her teenage years tombstoning while out of her mind on Class A substances? Given this piece, a supplementary question is if she actually stopped when she became a journalist?