Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cameron goes firm on Crime

David Cameron’s approach to the crime crisis has been thoroughly measured, but now it is detailed. Conservative proposals include building prisons, local accountability for the police, and an end to early release for prisoners, but there is also a recognition that society has to change. This means schools, parents, popular culture and most of all time. In contrast the government have popped out a couple of initiatives designed to grab headlines and then tried to spin that there is no real problem. Most interestingly, there has been almost no engagement by Gordon Brown, who is becoming a master of inactivity as far as talking to the public is concerned. While this is somewhat welcome compared to Tony Blair’s constant ham acting, the reticence that goes with being Chancellor is simply not part of a PM’s job description. A leader has to lead, and they cannot do that glowering alone in their office.

The polls show that Conservatives lead Labour by ten points on Law and Order. This is very significant because this is one of the key issues that people actually decides people’s votes. In fact, if you get Health, the Economy and Crime then that is usually the election, unless something very significant happens in the area of foreign affairs. Labour is also trailing on Health and the real economy is looking weak. Maybe there is a reason why Gordon is sulking.

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