Friday, May 06, 2011

Basildon Borough Elections

Basildon Borough's election results are in, and it has been a good night for local Conservatives. I was re-elected in Billericay West, and, as ever, it is humbling when a community puts its trust in you to represent them for another four years. My ward voted as follows:

Geoffrey Bores, Labour, 583
Terry Gandy, UK Independence Party, 665
Stephen Horgan, Conservative, 2416
John James, Liberal Democrat, 407

Overall, Basildon Conservatives held every seat that we were defending. Jilly Hyde in Laindon Park and Mo Larkin in Pitsea South East both had great campaigns and saw off the Labour challenge. The most interesting result of the night was in Nethermayne, where a fall in Liberal Democrat vote resulted in a Labour win.

One thing that marred this election was leaflets put out by a community group in an effort to bash the Conservatives. These were a farrago of, well, lies. They also broke election law in a number of ways and they have been reported to the police. I genuinely do not understand what they thought they were playing at.

So, a good night for the Conservative administration, but, as ever, we have to be mindful of the responsibilities that come with electoral success. The public have a right to expect that we keep on top of our game, and we will.