Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Brown Hole?

Where is Gordon Brown? Since the announcement of the coronation he has evaporated like the morning mist. Now this is nothing new for the Chancellor, he has typically descended from on high, uttered his words of wisdom and then returned to his lofty peak for another period of brooding. That's fine for running a technical department like the treasury, but for PM it won't do. Britons won't like being led by an absentee landlord. Of course, it may be that when der tag arrives, and Brown becomes The Man, then all will change. Maybe he will become more ubiquitous than spoons. Then again, maybe not. His strategists may know that in Brown's case more means less. Not that this is a great strategy for a politician, but you have to work with what you've got. Basically, Gordon Brown has no charisma and the conventional approach to building prime-ministerial presence with the public may just increase the number of people who think he's a bit strange. The trouble is that there are quite a lot of them already.

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