Monday, March 14, 2011

Extraordinary Council Meeting

As I write this I am waiting for an Extraordinary Council Meeting to start. This is on a long-running Planning Dispute, as reported here. One of the key aspects of the decision tonight is the cost of the action, which could reach £8m. This is a great deal of money and the issue is if it is worth it, especially as Basildon Borough is acting as the fulcrum for a failure in national policy in this matter. My view is that it is a balanced decision, but that Planning Laws have to be enforced, not for any box-ticking reason but because such laws are there for very good reasons. That they have been ignored has hurt both the Travellers and the settled community.

This cannot continue.


Anonymous said...

No surely not - isn't it irresponsible to put up uncosted savings and raid the reserves. Highly irresponsible, you said so yourself.

Or is it only irresponsible if its to allow local people to enjoy the Council owned facilities that they and their children have enjoyed for many years.

Sorry I forget. Spending money like this is probably the "universal view".

Steve Horgan said...

This is actually the sort of things that reserves are for. In any case the reported costs represent the maximum for a worst case scenario. Fortunately, the worst case scenario is unlikely, and thank God for that, as it would represent extensive public disorder that would almost certainly result in people getting hurt.

It you are tangentially referring to Kent View Road, the bottom line there is that there will still be open space and an improved play area after the development there.

Anonymous said...

Can I then suggest you develop on the green space in Noak Bridge, ensuring you leave "some" open space for local residents to use.