Friday, March 18, 2011

Cameron shows how it is done

David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have shown how it is done. Despite foot-draggers and nay-sayers they have managed to get a UN resolution authorising action in Libya. This is not just for a no-fly zone, but allows strikes on military targets as well. It provides for all that is needed in order to stop Gaddafi slaughtering his own people, and it comes just as Gaddafi told the world that the freedom fighters in Benghazi could expect 'no mercy' from his genocidal army and air force.

Getting a UN resolution of this type is not easy. Either Russia or China could have vetoed it. The US under Obama have veered between inactivity and indecision. The Arab League could have been quicker. In the UK the political vultures were gathering, ready to rip into Cameron if he failed to pull it off. Some commentators were quietly advising him not to bother, as if political embarrassment was more important then soldiers for democracy stopping bullets and shell fragments. Fortunately, our Prime Minister knows the difference between right and wrong, and has the political and diplomatic skills to match.

Gaddafi was betting on the whole UN process being just too difficult. Well, he was wrong. His spokesmen are already back-peddling as if his bicycle has a reverse gear.

Too late sunbeam.

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