Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mass Immigration was a Labour core policy

This was the week that Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time and there have been the predictable recriminations from mainstream politicians on whose fault it is that the BNP have amassed a degree of support. Of course the proximate cause of that has been the huge rise in immigration that Labour allowed over the last decade. Now it has emerged that this wasn't a mistake. It was deliberate policy, decided at the highest level for purely political reasons. Apparently the idea was to make Britain more multicultural and so somehow marginalise the Right, the Tories that is not the BNP because before Labour started on this crazy course of action the BNP was absolutely nowhere. This is a disgrace, an appalling abuse of power, gerrymandering a whole country for political reasons. It has also backfired spectacularly in both policy and political terms. The unrestricted immigration policy was ended last year, but the government couldn't claim much credit for that without explaining what they had been doing up to that point. Meanwhile, the BNP has gained the most support in traditional Labour areas, displacing the people's party as the natural choice for some white working-class voters. The immigration debate has killed multiculturalism as a general philosophy and the trend in British politics is and will be for tighter immigration controls. So, by abusing their power Labour have lost their own argument and gutted their own support.

That's justice at least.

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