Friday, October 23, 2009

Griffin gets a kicking

So, Nick Griffin wasn't desperately good on question time, quelle surprise. The man has a charisma of a walnut, and I mean the sort of walnut you bite into and then realise its gone off. It is true that the program was one-sided, but a someone better would have risen to the occasion. He bombed instead, especially when confronted by some of his own quotes, weaselling and evading on issues like Holocaust denial where an inability to be straight told us all we needed to know.

The fact is that Griffin being so useless is a great stroke of good fortune for our country. Under his leadership, the BNP is going nowhere, anyone can see that. The real problem would come if he were to be replaced by someone a bit more talented and a bit more normal. Unfortunately, there are a few such people in the far-right abut fortunately their poisonous internal politics will probably keep Griffin at the helm for a good few years yet. That is time enough for a Conservative government to address the most serious policy failures that Labour have heaped on communities that are supporting the BNP in any numbers. Then with a bit of luck the BNP will spiral away down the plughole.

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