Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Government collapse

Three ministers resign two days before a major election, seemingly careless of the damage that must do to Labour's electoral chances. Gordon Brown's government is clearly in crisis, with senior figures leaving regardless of the political consequences, or more likely with a very clear idea of the political consequences. Gordon Brown's game plan for recovering from what are going to be appalling election results on the 4th was a bold reshuffle. What the resigning ministers have done is curtail that strategy by taking the decisions out of the Prime Minister's hands. Gordon Brown cannot act decisively by clearing out the dead wood, if the dead wood has already resigned. One thing about Gordon Brown though, he is resilient. He is the sort of chap that clings on regardless of the consequences to his party or the country, and he clearly does not possess the sort of confidante who could tell him that the game is up. So, unless several more Cabinet Members decide to walk it is still far from certain that Gordon is doomed.

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