Friday, May 01, 2009

John Baron MP requests government action during Visteon debate

MP says Ford/Visteon agreement and PPF should be examined

Yesterday evening John Baron MP joined Angela Smith MP in her adjournment debate regarding the Visteon/Ford dispute. This was an opportunity to question the Minister about government help for the Visteon workforce.

John said:
Having visited the Picket Line, the key concern is that the agreement in 2000 between Ford and Visteon, promising Visteon workers ‘lifetime protection’ of pay and conditions, is not being honoured. The government needs to investigate.

The government should also ensure Visteon workers receive their full entitlement for assistance under the Pension Protection Fund.

At the very least, Ford owes its Visteon workers a moral duty to ensure fair treatment given their loyalty and hardwork over the years.
The Minister promised that he would go away and now further investigate the concerns raised during the debate.

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