Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brown blames Cameron for MPs expenses

According to the Mail, the fact that MPs expenses are an issue is all David Cameron's fault. You see if the Leader of the Opposition hadn't brought it up at Prime Minister's Questions then there wouldn't have been any fuss. This was his line at a bad-tempered meeting where he tried to force though his scheme whereby MPs would clock in and get paid without submitting any receipts. Rather unsportingly both David Cameron and Nigg Clegg told him no, and many Labour backbenchers apparently agree. The smart money is that there isn't any chance of Gordon's expenses plan winning a Commons vote, so it appears that we are back to the drawing board. Why is the PM so excited though? Well, there are rumours that the publication of the details of MPs expenses later this year will include some cases that are so appalling that it may actually force resignations among Labour's ranks. If Brown doesn't have a new system that is good to go then he will have a crisis, which will come just after the crisis that will likely follow the local and Euro elections on June 4th. No wonder he is upset.

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