Monday, May 26, 2008

Left commentators go mad

Johann Hari is joining a number of others on the Left who have decided that the game is up with Brown, Conservative victory at the next General Election is now inevitable and that the best course of action is to implement a hard left agenda without regard to the consequences.

The reality is that if a Labour government decided, as policy, to ignore the electorate and push up taxes, 'price SUVs off the road' and allow vast new immigration then it would not just lose the next election, it would be the last Labour government ever. What would the campaign slogan be, 'We don't care what you think?' or 'So what?'. As political advice goes this is actually a bit bonkers and it suggests that Hari and is cohorts actually have no clue about, well, anything much. The point of representative politics is to balance the concerns of the electorate with the national interest and a vision for a better society. If you deliberately detach from the electorate then they will vote for someone else. A Labour government that effectively told the voters to shove off would not just lose, it would be obliterated.

Hmm...maybe Hari has a point.

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