Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brown does the TV Newsrooms

Gordon Brown was out and about today trying to put a brave face on disaster. Now I find it hard to be objective but, frankly, I found him a bit weird. As quoted on Sky News he said things like:
I want to show people that, everyday, I'm dealing with the challenges they face.
I've got to show people that I'm trying to solve the problems and understand the problems they face.
Note the language, it's like he is talking to himself about what he needs to do. Maybe he's repeating what his spin doctor advised him this morning or from some self-improvement tape where you repeat the mantras to become a better person, I don't know. What he wasn't doing was connecting with anyone. The contrast with Tony Blair, or most normal humans for that matter, was stark. I am beginning to see what Alastair Campbell meant when he described Brown as 'psychologically flawed'.

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