Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Brown spinning like Blair, Cameron offers hope

Gordon Brown announces that 1000 troops are to come home from Iraq while on the ground in Basra. It was a political stunt right in the middle of Conservative Party conference, and it included 500 soldiers whose return had already been announced, hundreds of whom were already back in the UK. So, straight man Brown is spinning, which he promised not to do, and making announcements on the TV instead of to Parliament, which he also promised not to do. Different PM, same spin.

Meanwhile, David Cameron was speaking, offering hope for families, the military, those in fear of crime and those struggling to get on to the housing ladder or whose pensions had disappeared when their employers failed. He offered hope that something can actually be done, not just spun, about the issues that people actually care about and Brown's cynical use of our soldier's courage stands in stark contrast. Brown is another cynical machine politician from a cynical machine party that has lost touch with everything they used to stand for. The sooner they are gone the better.

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