Friday, October 05, 2007

Brown opens Basildon Hospital, again

Gordon Brown has been to Basildon again, after all the local MP, Angela Smith, is his Parliamentary Private Secretary. This time he was opening the new cardiothoracic centre at Basildon Hospital in a blaze of publicity. The trouble is that the place is already open, and has been since July. Brown needed a photo opportunity in Basildon and this is what the Labour Party cooked up. Is it actually possible for these people to do anything honestly? I suppose that we should be grateful that he was actually there and his photo wasn't added in afterwards like another Labour minister at another recent hospital opening, if it was a real hospital opening? How can you tell anymore?

In other news it appears that BNP leader Nick Griffin will be a candidate for Thurrock in any forthcoming election. This is about as welcome as syphilis. The BNP are a pretty unpleasant bunch and having their boss down our way is only going to mean more of their activities round here. Of course, they have a perfect right to stand for election, but I also have a perfect right to detest them.

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