Friday, August 10, 2007

We must have a Referendum on the EU Treaty

It is very simple: every major party promised a referendum on the EU Constitution at the last General Election. This EU Treaty is the Constitution by another name, as has been admitted by a range of genuine enthusiasts for it, therefore we must have a referendum. Brown and Labour are weaselling on the issue, the Conservatives are holding them to account.

Most of the press want a referendum, and the Telegraph is running a petition to that effect. Sign up here.


Anonymous said...

Of course the conservatives want a referendum. They're nothing if not opportunistic. If Labour were in opposition they'd want one too.
Ugh, politicians.

Steve Horgan said...

There is absolutely nothing opportunistic about this. Labour promised a referendum on the Constitution during the last General Election campaign, and so did the Conservatives. This treaty is effectively the Constitution and so the Conservatives are honouring their pledge while Labour is not.

Even leaving aside your opinion on the political process, what do you think is the right thing to do? That is usually a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Surprise yourself and test the feeling already today about voting on Europe!

Vote YES to Free Europe Constitution at

Steve Horgan said...

Very interesting site.

Anonymous said...

This constitution will present the single greatest change to the British Isles since the NORMAN INVASION IN 1066. The irrevocable changes in terms of lost sovereignty and identity that will occur because of it will resonate for all Brits for all time.

If this does not warrant a direct input from the people then nothing does.

Steve Horgan said...

I am not sure that the treaty eclipses the Magna Carta or the English Civil War or the Glorious Revolution, but the fact that I can even make that point does illustrate the magnitude of the proposed changes.

I quite agree that a referendum is demanded.