Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fears of closure for the St. Andrew's Centre in Billericay

The Health Centre at St. Andrews on the Stock Road is subject to concern that it might close. This is a valuable community resource that houses two separate facilities, one has GPs' surgeries and dentists, while the other has physiotherapy run by the Primary Care Trust and x-rays and blood tests run by Basildon University Hospital. It is this last service that appears to be under review, though if it were to close there could be some effect on the rest of the site. This is a crucial facility for the community of Billericay so any fears about St. Andrews are a very serious matter.

I have it on excellent authority that there are no plans, or even discussions, on the subject of closing St. Andrews. I also have it on excellent authority that closure isn't ruled out as part of the Hospital's regular review of facilities. If anything does happen, however, there will be a very public discussion and consultation process, so watch this space.

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