Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Baron MP criticises Dale Farm court ruling

John Baron MP criticises Dale Farm court ruling

MP expects Basildon Council to overturn decision on Friday

Having been on the Dale Farm site yesterday with Cllr Tony Ball and Council officials, John Baron MP has described as “bizarre” the court ruling which prevented the bailiffs from proceeding with the site clearance yesterday afternoon.

John said:
The ruling is bizarre. How can there have been a fair hearing if the Council was unable to be represented? The highest courts in the land have declared Basildon Council right. It is therefore unfortunate that this local judge has fallen for this delaying tactic and added to the cost of the operation. I am confident that the Council will overturn this rogue decision on Friday.
The Council will then proceed with this site clearance. My hope is that it can be achieved peacefully through negotiation. However, this site will be cleared - one way or the other - on behalf of the law abiding majority.
We all accept that minorities have human rights. But all too often in this country we tend to forget that the majority have human rights too, and these include an expectation that the law will be applied fairly and equitably across all of society.

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Anonymous said...

The ruling is not bizarre.
The judicial system allows an application for an injunction in an emergency without notice and without the defendant being present at the initial hearing.

If MP's feel the system is bizarre,then get it changed and whilst they are about it,get more rigour applied to the test of "prospects of success" before the grant of legal aid.

On Monday,another case (Mary Flynn) was easily defeated in the Court of Appeal - it should never have got that far.

Mike B