Friday, September 02, 2011

Dale Farm: Labour leader Ed Miliband supports evictions

As reported by the BBC. I just wish that the local Labour Councillors had the same view. They have voted against every proposed action to remove the illegal settlement at Dale Farm and have stated that if they were running Basildon Council then they would give Dale Farm planning permission.

I just wonder if the Council had been united on this matter, especially when we had a Labour government, then we might have arrived at a solution years ago. Instead Labour's attitude must have helped lead the Travellers to the view that somehow they would be allowed to continue in their illegal Green Belt development.

I hope that this does come to a forced eviction. I hope that the Travellers move off, and the Council has offered accommodation to the vulnerable under our homelessness duty. All the talk of women with young children and the sick elderly being left with nowhere to go is simply nonsense. However, I fear that the outsiders that have attached themselves to Dale Farm will cause trouble.

I just hope that no-one is hurt, but local Labour Councillors bear much of the responsibility of getting us to this point.

Hopefully, Miliband has had a word with them. They have certainly been very quiet on this issue lately.

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