Friday, June 03, 2011

John Baron MP welcomes Dale Farm eviction funding progress

MP says negotiations for the balance drawing to a close

John Baron MP has today confirmed that, after detailed negotiations, the Home Office is prepared to commit £4.65 million towards potential Essex Police costs arising from the Council’s clearance of the illegal Dale Farm traveller site. Essex Police estimate that approximately £9.5 million will cover a worst case scenario.

John said:
Negotiations with Government departments have not always gone smoothly. But after raising the issue both privately and publically with the Prime Minister, the Government has correctly come round to the view that it has a responsibility to ensure the site is cleared, otherwise we would all ask: what price law and order?

£4.65 million from the Home Office and £1.2 million from the Department for Communities and Local Government represents major progress. Negotiations continue regarding the remaining balance needed to cover all potential police costs, but I am hopeful we will have positive news next week.

I am determined that no one individual or group is above the law in the constituency. It is only fair and just that the law is enforced.

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