Sunday, December 06, 2009

Labour's pathetic class war

You have to wonder if the Labour leadership get out much. Class war is a dead issue, among real people that is. No-one, at least almost no-one, particularly cares about someone's parents, at least not to the point of evaluating their worth as a human being. Labour haven't really cottoned on to this, however, at least not their cocooned, desperate leadership. Their idea is to try to brand the Conservative leadership as 'toffs from Eton' in the hope that people won't vote for them on that basis. Well:
  • It isn't true, the Conservative leadership actually come from very diverse backgrounds.
  • It makes no sense, why is it bad that people have had good educations?
  • It does not even pretend to be a debate about what is good for the country.
  • And, worst of all, it is an exercise in nasty prejudice that would probably be illegal if applied to any other aspect of a group.
It is also a window into the deep contempt that the Labour party feels for their own core vote and the British people as a while. Basically, they expect that voters are so stupid and so small minded that they will respond to a vicious characterisation of the Conservatives over any other issue come election time.

I have news for them. Our people are better than that.

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Richard said...

And the fact at last checking

Alistair Darling - Went to a private school in East Lothian

Harriet Harman - Private school in Hammersmith

Ed Balls - Private school in Nottingham

Tessa Jowell - Private school in Aberdeen

Hilary Benn - Private school in Holland Park and private school, before attending Holland Park School, comprehensive school known as the "Socialist Eton".

Shaun Woodward - Private school in Bristol

Peter Hain - Private school in Battersea

So can we be seeing Brown standing up at PMQs this week having a go at his own front bench, no of course not... one rule for them and one for everyone else.