Sunday, July 05, 2009

Labour liars

Gordon Brown is lying when he claims the choice is between 'Labour investment and Tory cuts'. Everyone knows that his is lying, public, press, fellow members of the government, and in this case the porkies are so blatant that this issue is fast becoming the Prime Minister's lack of honesty rather than the state of the economy. Matters haven't stopped there, however, with government ministers trying to smear Conservatives as being homophobic, this when there are two gay members of the shadow cabinet.

Dishonesty seems to be built into the Labour party, because these two latest examples are only the latest in a long line of fictions. Many in Labour seem to regard lying as a perfectly legitimate political tactic and it is not hard to figure out why. These are the words of a Labour activist posted to the ConservativeHome website:

Prejudiced against Conservatives?

No, I don't think I am. The term 'prejudice' means to pre-judge someone based on irrational fear. I haven't pre-judged the Conservatives. In fact I listen to the arguments they make, read discussions on sites like this, and then reach my judgement.

And my judgement is that the vast majority of Tories are backwards social misfits who hate freedom and wish to do the country great harm.

Like many of his Labour cohorts, this fellow is utterly convinced of his moral superiority when compared to Conservatives. He is also convinced that the Conservative party is a force of evil. Given that view it is a short step to the belief that anything goes when it comes to keeping the forces of darkness at bay. So, lies an smears are perfectly acceptable because they are weapons wielded by the morally perfect against the morally defective.

Pathetic really.

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