Friday, June 19, 2009

LabourList has Brown's number

In case anyone thinks I am pathologically biased against Gordon Brown, this is what LabourList thinks about him. I especially liked this bit:
After a tough month or so for Labour, there are signs that the party is hunkering up, dusting down and preparing once again to fight the good fight.

It's not coming from the Party leader, who continues to hide away in his Downing Street bunker, making only guest appearances to toe the line both at the dispatch box and through the automation of a decade-old politics: Labour investment over Tory cuts.
Of course they are spot on, but enough of the troops in parliament seem determined to hang on to the vote-loser. The thing about Brown is that many ordinary people hate him with a passion. Tony Blair never caused this kind of reaction, which is why he was the most successful Labour Prime Minister in history.

So, they got rid of him, err...

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