Friday, May 15, 2009

There is nothing British about the BNP

Formed from foreign ideology, rejecting historic British values of the basic equality of all people, engagement with the world, and political change through evolution, not revolution, the BNP is about as anti-British as you can get.

If they were British then why do they keep banging on about the Holocaust? The reason is simple, if your ideology is based on far-right philosophers from the continent then you have to attack the greatest single argument against them. So the BNP feed the Holocaust denial industry, because intellectually they have to. If your beliefs lead to extermination camps then they must be wrong. So, try and pretend the extermination camps never happened and that the Allies were just as bad. Imagine that, a political party with 'British' in its title that believes in moral equivalence among the participants of World War 2.

But this is why the BNP are fundamentally anti-British:

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Reimer said...

"If they were British then why do they keep banging on about the Holocaust?"

Er, I understand Griffin was convicted of some kind of charge for writing a supposedly Holocaust-denying piece 10-11 years ago but I haven't noticed the BNP entering those waters in the past couple of years.

Their opponents bang on about it a lot though, to press the buttons of the audience.

Steve Horgan said...

The BNP had a pretty prominent piece about this on their website as recently as a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to have since disappeared. They are well aware of how unpopular holocaust denial is, but they are incapable of leaving it alone, because that single historical event like no other undermines their basic political philosophy. If differentiating humanity by race leads to death camps then no reasonable person would want to go down that road. So, they pretend, probably to themselves as well, that it never happened or that it wasn't as bad as has been recorded, or that the allies were just as guilty of war crimes. Anything, in fact, other than admitting their political heroes enacted one of the worst crimes in human history.