Monday, May 04, 2009

BBC Parliament running the 1979 election

It's on right now. If you are interested in politics then it is absolutely fascinating.

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tern said...

Twas indeed an unreal party time, to spend a whole day back in the 70s. To listen to politics in the last era when frequent easy changing of governments was normal + nobody suffered under the burden that any government was invincible + would go on for ever.

You can tell, watching, that at the time there was no reason why that era should ever have ended. Nobody saw the Winter of Discontent as determining how a whole row of further elections would turn out, Nor did it. It was the far left takeover of Labour in 1980 that did it - however that was a product of the same forces as the Winter of Discontent + was a progression from it. When changes of government became an object of fear, it changed politics changed utterly ever since, into this mode where it's like pulling teeth to stop the voters returning the same government ad infinitum.