Friday, April 24, 2009

Telegraph Poll - Consrvatives 18 points ahead

The first post-budget poll in the Telegraph has Conservatives on 45 per cent, up four on last month. Labour is on 27 per cent, down four. The the Liberal Democrats are on 18. Except that the fieldwork was apparently done on Wednesday and Thursday, so this may not be entirely reflective of the budget yet, which most would agree has been a disaster in political terms. Anything that puts Labour less than 30 in a standard opinion poll is very bad for them, because that is all through swing voters and into their core support base. Being 18 points behind the opposition is also very, very bad. We are now in the run up to the Euro and County Council elections, and these numbers do not auger well at all for Labour. If those elections are a catastrophe then where does that leave Brown? Past form suggests that he will carry on. If they let him.

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