Saturday, April 11, 2009

Labour smear campaign exposed

Guido Fawkes is reporting emails sent from Damien Mcbride suggesting smears against senior Conservative politicians to be run on by Derek Draper's who runs the Labourlist website. Mcbride is a special advisor to the Prime Minister, paid for the taxpayer. The story is running at number 2 on the BBC and on Sky and is in today's press. There is a frontpage story in the Telegraph, but reading this it has all the hallmarks of an exclusive given under condition of sticking to the no.10 line. So, it tries to play things down, doesn't publish the emails, and dismisses the whole thing as 'juvenile and inappropriate'. The email text may come out in the Sunday press, but the rumours are that they are so disgusting that there may be issues of libel if they are put into print. They are apparently a discussion about setting up a deniable website followed by the circulation of sickening stories. One supposedly describes an alleged sexual disease; another claims that a close family member of one leading Tory is receiving treatment for a mental health issue. The emails were sent from an official 10 Downing Street email address by a civil servant who is a close confidante of the Prime Minister.

Now, I don't like the Labour party much, but no-one could argue that Tony Blair was an extremely capable politician, who, crucially, surrounded himself with best talent the Labour movement could offer. Gordon Brown is something quite different. He lacks any recognisable vision, appears to have very little grasp of what is actually going on the country, and is incapable of connecting with ordinary people. Worse than that, most of his team are Labour's second rate who are solely distinguished by sticking with Brown and plotting against Blair while he was in charge. So, they now have all of the top jobs, and they aren't up to it. As the polls stay bad they are getting increasingly desperate and instead of turning their energies to helping our country in the teeth of the worst recession for 70 years instead we have this filth. McBride has broken the Civil Service code and he should be fired. Brown should fire him anyway, but he can't because it is inconceivable that this should go on without his knowledge. We have a Prime Minister who doesn't want to win the political argument, just to trash his opponents with lies in a self-serving attempt to cling on to power. I didn't like Tony Blair, but I was never ashamed that he was Prime Minister.

These people have got to go.

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Anonymous said...

"I didn't like Tony Blair, but I was never ashamed that he was Prime Minister."

Very nice phrase. Here, here!