Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heffer applying for McBride's job

Simon Heffer is not impressed with Gordon Brown over the McBride smears, but it doesn't take long for him to get back to his favourite topic, which is how awful the Conservatives are. For those that don't remember Simon used to be a bit of a fan of Brown. This from his column of September 5th 2007:
Mr Brown is doing so well not because he has better policies than his rivals (insofar as his rivals have any), but because he is a better politician than any of them.
That appears to be past at least, but Simon is still annoyed that David Cameron appears to be succeeding without the radical programme advocated by, well, Simon Heffer. So, he continues with the claim of a policy vacuum and then, incredibly, goes on spray some vicious smears of his own for good measure. Of course the Conservatives have been producing policy papers steadily for the last year, the latest on housing, but this seems to have passed Simon by. The rest is actually a pretty good example of the moral vacuum inhabited by some on the political inside. Simon sees no problem in shoving out his various allegations in a form you might get at the bar of the Dog and Duck. This isn't journalism, it is malicious gossip. If he had a story in the real sense of the word then we would have sources, evidence, maybe some analysis. Instead Simon criticises McBride and then goes on ape him. This is the point. As the Times has it this morning, the only reason that McBride and his ilk could do what they did was because of connivance from mainstream media people like Simon. If they had stood up to his bullying and refused to join him in his bottom-feeding world then anonymous smears would have been ineffective, because no-one would have published them. If they had gone one better and actually reported what was going on then someone else may have broken a story that eventually relied on a blog to bring to the British people. Instead, they were supine, and he was supine.

So, Simon, did you know what was going on with your hero Brown? Did you not care? Or did you just not think there was anything wrong with it

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