Sunday, September 23, 2007

St. Andrews Centre in Billericay safe, for a year at least

In response to his letters and the petitions to both Basildon Hospital and SW Essex PCT, John Baron MP has received an assurance that there will be no downgrading or closure of services at St Andrew’s Centre, Billericay – at least for the coming year. The hospital has said the matter will not be reviewed again until it looks at activity targets for the financial year 2008/9. However, John is pressing for a longer term guarantee and, with the help Cllr Terence Gandy, Billericay Town Council, and others, is calling for the petition to continue.

John said:

Whilst welcoming confirmation that St Andrew’s will remain fully operational for another year, I am disappointed that Basildon Hospital could not go further. I am therefore asking for a longer term guarantee that there will be no downgrading or closure of services. This should not be difficult given that the population in the area is growing and therefore demand for St Andrew’s services can only increase.

I would like to thank all those who have both organised and signed the petitions in recent months. But, we think it best to continue with the petition because it is important that we illustrate the strength of feeling on this issue. As a local community, we are absolutely committed to St Andrew’s remaining fully operational in the years ahead.

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