Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jihadi terrorists in Germany

Al Qaeda is back, or at least one of its affiliates. Three men have been arrested in Germany for plotting suicide attacks on against a US military base in Ramstein and Frankfurt airport. Of course, it wasn't the buildings they were after, it was the people and this time at least the terrorists have been cheated of their grim bonus of death. Interestingly, it seems that two of the arrestees are Islamic converts, illustrating once again that there is a political Islam that is sweeping up all of the nihilist sociopaths that once killed in the name of revolutionary Marxism. So, a good day for civilisation you might think. Well, there will almost certainly be some who don't agree. The same strand of illogic that thinks that the terrorist attacks of the 11th of September were a put-up job doesn't even believe that Islamic terrorism exists except as a cat's paw for some shadowy global conspiracy led by the governments of the West. They will certainly dismiss this latest news as disinformation because it clashes with their paranoid worldview and the danger is that if this meme were to get anywhere then somone's guard might come down and people might end up dead. At the very least this sort of nonsense is an effective vehicle for separating the credulous from their cash for all sorts of paranoia-focussed products.

Of course, this is a good day for civilisation, and that is both Islamic and Judeo-Christian. The nutcases will just have to deal with it.

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