Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cameron leads, Simon Heffer witters on

Trying to push David Cameron around gets you nowhere, as Ali Miraj found out when he demanded a peerage, got told no, rubbished Cameron to the media and then found himself off the Conservative candidates list. It demonstrated that the Conservative Leader does not shrink from the sort of hard decisions that anyone holding a position of real responsibility inevitability finds themselves faced with. That group doesn't include Simon Heffer, who devotes most of his weekly diatribe column to Cameron's supposedly heinous crime of revealing the substance of his conversation with Miraj. Apparently in Simon's mind no matter what the substance of a private conversation it must remain forever private. So if you have a chat with Simon in which you reveal a motive for subsequently trashing him do not worry, he'll keep mum. Or maybe he won't. This is such a bonkers argument that you have to wonder at the mental convulsions Simon went through in his desperation to attack David Cameron. You also have to wonder how he keeps his gig at a leading national newspaper.

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