Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Alcohol-free zone worked in Billericay

Following the tragic death of a family man at the hands of what appear to be alcohol-fuelled yobs, there have been calls for all sorts of action on underage drinking. There are already quite a few things that can be done, however, for example we had a bit of problem with people drinking on the street in Billericay High Street, so we made it an alcohol-free zone. That means that people can drink in pubs or restaurants, but they can't wander around clutching booze without the police having the power to confiscate it. The thing is that it has worked. Most people heed the signs and the police do take people's drinks from them when they encounter those that don't. It has made a difference and disturbance on the High Street is well down. The Council as the licensing authority and the local police are also pretty hot on those selling alcohol to underage teens, with test purchases and action taken against retailers who put profit before the law, or their community for that matter. This is the point, there are already laws and before we do the usual hysterical legislative reaction can we at least use the ones that we have already?

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