Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brown at PMQs: 'I've only been in the job five days'

It was the Great Clunking First versus the lightweight. This was the contest Gordon Brown had been waiting for since he entered parliament in 1983, now he would show the world what a Prime Minister should be. Brown squared up to David Cameron and, to mix sporting metaphors, not only dropped the ball but stood on it. He looked haggard, stuttered, and in answer to one question complained that he had only been in the job for five days. David Cameron had asked why the Jihadi group Hizb ut Tahrir had not been banned, since they openly call for the murder of Jews. Brown did not have a clue, and it fell to John Reid to try and help out. The trouble was while he was spelling out the government's position on these people he was also rubbing in the fact that Brown, well, didn't have a clue.

From what I have seen, the broadcast media are calling it a score draw. They are being kind and I predict that the print media won't be.

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