Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quentin Crosses the Floor

We, as in the Conservative Party, appear to have lost an MP. Quentin Davies has crossed the floor to Labour in a flurry of media appearances and with a quite lengthy resignation letter, in which criticises David Cameron for spin and lacking substance. Now, it is quite possible for someone to fall out of love, or even liking, for their Party. People change and so do their views. What is less credible is for a man to repudiate many things that they had professed to believe, and many things that they are on recent record as saying and suddenly claim to hold diametrically opposite views. Quentin has launched a paean of praise for Gordon Brown, when only a short while ago he was vitriolic in his criticism. Either he has undergone a conversion so complete and abrupt that even St. Paul would think it unusual, or he is trying to ingratiate himself with his new boss. Personally, I think that St. Paul would remain unamazed.

Also, his timing is a bit odd. Quentin quit yesterday, into the news cycle that bleeds into today’s daily papers and morning news. But that news cycle was already spoken for. In case anyone didn’t notice, Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister today and utterly predictably that had the front pages and the top of the broadcast news. This is Quentin’s fifteen minutes of fame, a time when he can speak and the nation will listen, and he chose a time when he was guaranteed no headlines and to be squeezed to number four in the running order. It is so strange that you have to wonder if the story was about to break anyway and it had to be rushed out. Or maybe this is just one of many things that Quentin has got wrong.

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