Monday, June 18, 2007

BBC Notices that it's Biased

BBC has a soft-left bias! Next, Pope found to be Catholic and bears seen to defecate in the woods. No-one with a central nervous system could have failed to notice what is described as the 'liberal' agenda of the BBC that colours its news reporting and makes most of its drama qualify as fantasy. The corporation spent years attacking the last Conservative government and fawning on New Labour, and even after they fell out with Labour government during the Kelly affair there was an air of denial in the coverage, like an abused spouse claiming that the other half 'loves them really'. You won't find a fashionable cause unlauded, a terrorist's point of view unrepresented or a sympathetic right-wing character in a BBC programme. There is no BBC equivalent of House MD, the very un-PC doctor played by Hugh Laurie in the excellent US series, and any policeman or intelligence officer as a protagonist must be angst-ridden and conflicted. This from an organisation so right-on that they admit that they would cheerfully abuse a Bible but not a Koran.

Stop press: rain is wet.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the BBC make me sick. How dare these people operate a liberal left propoganda organisation with money extracted from the population under threat of a criminal record.

Not only that, but the Conservative Party has been seriously negligent in the past with regard to tolerating this situation.

They could have set up a BBC trust type organisation with some teeth ages ago but they didnt. Incompetent twats.

Steve Horgan said...

The problem with the BBC is not its organisation, rather it is with its culture, which is difficult for a government to fiddle with, especially if they want to avoid accusations of media manipulation. By the way, profanity doesn't really help your argument.